Award-winning International Film & Video specializes in the production of documentaries, non-fiction television and travel-adventure programs about countries and cultures around the world. We also feature an extraordinary library of international stock footage, shot in HD and SD in over 130 countries around the world. From scripting and shooting to the fine-cut edit, IFV produces programs for television, the professional video production industry, educational markets, and direct-to-DVD consumers. IFV can meet the demands of virtually any foreign production.

IFV has produced programs or stock footage for such clients and organizations as National Geographic Explorer, Children's Television Workshop/Sesame Street, Semester at Sea, Federal Express, CNN, PBS, NBC, ABC, CBS, History Channel, Discovery Channel and the Fox Network.

With more than thirty years of experience in all corners of the globe, IFV is one of N. America's finest and most seasoned international film and video producers. Contact us for answers to any of your production questions.

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New Television Series


Is there a perfect place in the world to live? Is that place affordable? Without sacrificing the comfortable American lifestyle, what are some of the best countries to enjoy an extended visit or own a second home?

This 39-part series answers those questions for the active retiree or armchair adventurer by taking them on an exciting journey to forty of the best and most affordable countries in the world.

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